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Useful Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

It has been observed that mostly homeowners don’t take care of their garage doors until they stop working. Like other things in your home, your garage door also needs regular maintenance to keep performing well for years to come. So you should perform seasonal garage door maintenance and inspection at least twice a year. This will definitely help you keep potential garage door problems at bay.

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The following tips are sure to help you carry out seasonal garage door maintenance:

Monitor Your Garage Door Carefully

Watch and listen to your garage door operations to see if everything is working fine. If your garage door produces a weird sound together with jerky movements, it means your garage door isn’t in the best form. A well-tuned, well-maintained garage door is comparatively quiet as it operates, and you shouldn’t observe any jerkiness in its operations. Inspect all the parts such as springs, cables and pulleys to make sure they are in the best working form. 

Inspect The Tracks

The next step is to clear the tracks by removing debris and rust. If the problems you encounter with the tracks are complex, it’s best that you call a professional garage door company like Wells Local Garage Door Repair to deal with such situation with greatest accuracy. 

Tighten The Loose Hardware

Since a garage door operates thousands of times each year, the vibration and motion can loosen up the track and door hardware. You can use a socket wrench to fix any loose bolts. Pay special attention to the brackets that hold the door tracks, and the fasteners attaching the garage door opener to the framing. 

Lubricate The Stiff Parts

When you lubricate your garage door regularly, you stay away from the potential garage door problems. You can buy a high quality lubricant solution from the market. Rollers and hinges are one of those parts that need to be lubricated regularly.


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