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Having your garage door repaired is a hassle-free job now since Wells Garage Door services ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects regarding garage door repair and replacement. We have a team of highly-trained individuals that have been dealing in garage door repair and replacement for an extensive period of time. They are very knowledgeable in garage door repairing and know exactly what to do to get your garage door back in top-notch condition. All your concerns and queries will be answered in a courteous and friendly manner, you can bet on that! Furthermore, you can have additional security systems installed in your garage door, such as digital lockboxes. Self-automation and remote-controlled opening and closing is also a facility we provide. What’s more, you don’t need to provide us with any tools to get your job done. Our team of engineers has the best, modern equipment available at all times so that the job is done efficiently and swiftly. You don’t need to stress yourself out with mediocre level garage door repairing services anymore. Wells Garage Door services will be the savior for your garage door, indeed!

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You can even have a faulty, old garage door repaired or have it entirely replaced with a shining brand new one from Wells. Our garage doors are built with the finest metals and durable frames. You’ll never regret your choice! Our branches are open in Millbrae and Pacifica as well.
We have been offering all-inclusive garage door services in Menlo Park for decades. From garage door spring repair, cables replacement and opener repair to garage door installation, our experts at Wells Local Garage Door Repair do it all and are open 24/7. Call Us Now!
Menlo Park Garage door repair and replacement

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If you want your garage door to operate smoothly again, be sure to call us at (650) 399-9868 to get the best garage door repair service possible.



These guys are the best when it comes garage doors repairs. I had a new garage door installed during renovations and I love it! Thanks Wells Local Garage Door Repair!

-Rob C.

My garage door was stuck one morning till these guys came and had it working in just a couple of hours. These guys are great at what they do! Thank you!

-Jenn I.

If you ever have any problems with your garage –  call Wells Local Garage Door Repair. They’ll show up fast and finish their work even faster. Amazing work!

-Bill L.

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