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It’s a hard job finding a garage door service in all the competition. Often, you have to settle with costly, unskilled workers that are just there for the money-grab. Wells Garage Door repair and replacement services are owned by a single family that knows and understands this hassle all too well- and thus make sure garage door repair, replacement, and installation are made easier for every other family out there. We have hired a team of expert-level engineers that are very knowledgeable about the mechanics of garage doors, ensuring that the opening and closing mechanisms are smooth and never get stuck midway. The team can handle all types of garage door repair, as well. They’ll make your garage door look as top-notch as if it were brand new! What’s more, you don’t need to worry about providing us with any tools since our team has its own set of high-quality equipment that they always have by their side. This makes the job even more efficient and convenient, both for you, and us! You can question our team about any concern you have about your garage door and you will be met with a courteous, intelligent response promptly. We consider it to be our duty to keep our customers happy!

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You can even have your garage door removed without leaving a single scratch behind on your precious garage walls. Then, our team will have a shining, brand new metal-framed garage door reinstalled in its place. Just give it a try! Our branches are open in French camp and Ripon as well.
We have been offering all-inclusive garage door services in Lathrop for decades. From garage door spring repair, cables replacement and opener repair to garage door installation, our experts at Wells Local Garage Door Repair do it all and are open 24/7. Call Us Now!
Lathrop Garage door repair and replacement

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If you want your garage door to operate smoothly again, be sure to call us at (209) 353-9955 to get the best garage door repair service possible.

FAQ: Garage Door Repair Lathrop

There are several signs to watch for, such as unusual noises, slow or jerky movement, sagging or misaligned doors, and difficulty in opening or closing. Damaged springs, frayed cables, and worn-out rollers can also indicate the need for repair. If your door is old and showing signs of wear, replacement might be a better option for safety and efficiency.

If your garage door is struggling to open or close, or if it slams shut suddenly, your springs might be in need of repair. Another sign is if the door appears unbalanced or crooked when opening. Springs have a limited lifespan and can break over time due to constant tension and usage. It’s crucial to have them inspected and replaced by a professional to prevent accidents.

While there are DIY options for opener replacement, it’s recommended to hire a professional. Installing an opener involves electrical connections, precise adjustments, and proper alignment to ensure smooth and safe operation. A professional in Lathrop can ensure the opener is correctly installed, reducing the risk of malfunctions and potential safety hazards.

Replacing an old garage door can enhance your home’s curb appeal, increase energy efficiency, and improve security. Modern doors are designed with advanced materials and insulation, helping to regulate temperature and reduce energy costs. Additionally, a new door can incorporate updated safety features, such as automatic reversal mechanisms, providing peace of mind for your family’s safety.



These guys are the best when it comes garage doors repairs. I had a new garage door installed during renovations and I love it! Thanks Wells Local Garage Door Repair!

-Rob C.

My garage door was stuck one morning till these guys came and had it working in just a couple of hours. These guys are great at what they do! Thank you!

-Jenn I.

If you ever have any problems with your garage –  call Wells Local Garage Door Repair. They’ll show up fast and finish their work even faster. Amazing work!

-Bill L.

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