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Easy & Simple Ways to Extend the Lifecycle of Your Garage Door

Want to see your garage door working smoothly all the time? Wondering what you can do to maintain your garage door in the best working condition for years to come? No fuss, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share some of important and useful tips with you, which can go a long way toward helping keeping your garage door in a tip top condition. Let’s go through these tips below;

Garage door repair

Take Care Of The Important Hardware

A garage door is comprised of many key hardware such has tracks, hinges, and springs. All of these components require regular maintenance to keep working smoothly for years to come. They should be lubricated every three months to avoid any stiffness in garage door operations. You can easily find a lubricant solution from any nearby departmental store or order it online. Tightening and lubricating the loose parts is sure to help you keep your door operating for ages to come.

Pay special attention to Weathersripping

Weatherstripping is a type of rubber band found between the slats at the bottom side of a garage door. This component plays a key role in the functioning of the door and protecting your items stored inside your garage. So, you should clean weatherstripping every two months using anything like damp rag. This will help remove any dirt or debris that can cause the weatherstripping to deteriorate sooner. You can also lubricate it using a silicone-based product. Make sure you don’t use any product with petroleum components, as this can damage your weatherstripping.

 If you don’t have enough time to perform regular maintenance on your garage door, you always have the option to hire a garage door contractor for it. A garage door contractor is well equipped to carry out anything, be it garage door repair San Diego, garage door spring repair Los Angeles or maintenance.


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