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Los Angeles Garage Doors operates under one business name, Wells Garage Door Services. Our reputation as a leader is backed by our many years of service in the market, providing expert care to both residential and commercial establishments. We have over 15 years of experience in the installation and service of overhead doors, garage door openers and electrical control devices.

We provide the highest quality garage doors and garage door openers using a wide range of materials and designs. Our expert technicians quickly install and service all types of garage doors at a fair price. We are dedicated to safe, reliable service and installation for your home or business.


Think about it. How often do you use your front door? When you come home, you come through the garage door. And when friends stop by, the first door they see is, again, the garage door.

We make sure your residential garage doors make a statement about quality, durability and beauty. 40% of your homes curb appeal comes from the garage door meaning money invested in garage doors is easily recaptured at resale.


Customers, vendors, employees - anyone who drives up to your business is going to be greeted by your commercial garage door. Make sure it's a good one.

Our commercial doors, for example, are designed to stand up to the people who come in each day and folks like Mother Nature.

If you want your commercial garage door to provide years of steady, silent, superior operation, you'll talk to us first.

About Us

For more than 15 years, Wells Garage Door Services has been taking care of customers just like you all over the country. Our award-winning, multi-talented staff has serviced and repair more than 200k overhead garage doors and openers. Save our number, and the next time your garage door decides to not go up or down, we'l be there with helping and caring hands to ease your stress.

Service / Repair

We can handle just about any kind of garage door repair or fix any garage door opener you may have. And if you'd like to do it yourself, we have a warehouse full of what you need.


When Your Garage Door in Bismarck or Mandan, ND, Needs Maintenance or Repair...


Garage doors are the largest moving object inside your home. If you have a problematic garage door, it compromises the safety of your family and home. Garage Door Services Company is a professional company you can count on. We provide you with quality service at a reasonable price. We offer FREE estimates on replacement garage doors and are spring replacement specialists. 24 hours a day 7 days a week we are your number one garage door repair service.

More Reasons To Select GARAGE DOOR REPAIRS for your Garage Door.

Here is a list of the garage door repair services our professional employees provide:

  • Garage Door Installation - This includes the installation of a new garage door. Includes the door itself, the track, cables, springs, hinges, handles, locks and rollers. It is the complete service and installation of a new door. We inspect all the parts, make adjustments to fit your garage opening, and service all elements during the installation process. Plus, we check to ensure all parts are in proper working order after installed.
  • Garage Door Replacement - The same type of repair as above except we include the removal and haul away of the old garage door and replaced parts
  • Electric Garage Door Openers - Service and repair of the electric garage door opener itself, including the lift mechanism that pulls the door up and guides it down. This is typically not part of the garage door itself and is serviced and repaired on its own interval. Typical service includes inspection, repair, adjustment, and lubrication if needed. Also, we typically inspect the mounting of the unit as well as its attachment to the door itself.
  • Repair All Brands of Existing Openers - We carry a wide variety of parts so we can repair and service all brands of garage door openers.
  • Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement - A torsion spring generates energy by being wound around a shaft rather than stretching to provide lift of the door. This can be a very dangerous repair for an untrained person. We recommend calling one of our technicians to your home to repair or service anything having to do with your springs.
  • Repair Off-Track Garage Doors - Service and repair of rollers that have come out of their guide tracks when the door is at risk of falling or collapsing.
  • Repair Sagging Garage Doors - As doors and homes age, they can shift and move and sometimes this results in a garage door that needs to be realigned or reinforced. We will send a technician to your home to adjust the doors and to inspect the entire opening to make sure the door isn't damaged. Once we understand the problem, we will fix the needed parts and make any adjustments to the door.
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement - Sometimes a section is damaged but the rest of the door is fine. We can replace just one section rather than the entire door.
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement - The guide wheel sometimes will leave the tracks. These can be replaced when they are old and have worn out or simply upgraded to nylon rollers to run quieter.
  • Sectional Garage Door Replacements - Same as replacing a garage door, but in this case, is particular to sectional garage doors in need of repair or replacement.
  • Garage Door Cable and Broken Spring Replacement - Sometimes packaged together since the cable is used to connect the spring to the door. They are steel and rust or wear out over time so we can replace these as needed.
  • Garage Door Tune-up and Safety Inspections - Comprehensive check where our technicians will evaluate, make minor adjustments, minor repairs and lube the door. This adds to the life of the door if done on an annual basis.
  • Planned Maintenance - Same as above but includes up to 3 doors and openers. This gives you peace of mind that your garage door is functioning properly and ensures you will have annual coverage by our well trained technicians.
  • Wireless Key Pads - Sometimes the battery operated remotes need programming or repair. Our technicians can help you reset these or you can read instructions for keypad programming here on our website.
  • Additional Remotes - If you are in need of additional remotes, our service technicians are happy to help you program to match your current garage door opener.